Losing weight is a challenging process that requires a lot of commitment to succeed. It is a very hot topic that people have been talking about for years but did you know that some of the facts you have heard about losing weight are actually myths?

The only way to shed some weight is to workout intensively

Well, this is one of the biggest, busted myths in weight management studies. While a heavy and committed workout may help you lose weight quicker, it is not necessary. People still struggle with weight loss even if they workout a lot, since your diet plays a more important role in this process.

The key of losing weight is actually very simple: Burn more calories than you take in. It's that straightforward. Just eat less, eat more healthy, be more active and really commit with those small changes.

Drinking water to lose weight

While drinking enough water daily makes you healthier, it does not in any way help you lose weight directly. It may help you forget about your hunger for a short time and stay way from the snacks but it's just not a reliable way to depend on when you're trying to lose weight.

Rationing is the best way to lose weight

This practice is not advisable. Remember that your body needs energy and nutrients to function properly. With this practice, you will strain your body to the point that it's just too difficult to maintain the diet. You may see some weight loss at first but in the long-run you will actually gain more weight and become unhealthier.

Low carbs is another "best way" to lose weight

Carbs or carbohydrates are always the first things advised to stay away from in a lot of weight-loss diet plans. While eating a lot of carbs may lead to weight increase, in a balanced diet, carbs do give your body the much needed energy for all the exercises without putting on any pounds.

Stick to whole grain and wholemeal, stay away from processed starch and DO NOT fry them, you'll be fine.

All weight lose aid medication are safe

In short, stay away from un-prescribed, unlicensed medication, they are harmful, they've killed people.

You may have heard about a kind of medication that is safe and effective in cutting off some pounds. The sad news is they do not exist, most of them are not effective nor a safe method to lose weight, while some prescribed medication do work in some certain case, they need to be taken under healthcare professional supervision. Forget about it, there is no shortcut in losing weight.

Healthier food means expensive

No, it is not, organic food does cost more but there are many kinds of health foods that are cheap and easy to find around you.

Found a health recipe online and the ingredients are too expensive? Take a look around for cheaper and readily available alternatives, you'll be surprised that, not only is it as effective as its organic counterpart, sometimes it even tastes much better. Be creative, losing weight is an art.

Skipping meals is the key to lose weight

No, do not do it, it's a bad idea. Scroll up to myth number 1 and read again. The only thing you have to do is to keep your calorie-intake lower than you burn them, in other words, you have to burn more or eat less. That sounds like skipping meals is a good way of eating less right? Scroll to myth number 3. Skipping meals may strain your body, take energy away from you and prevent you from doing you daily work. It may even make your body unhealthy and you'll end up snacking more and gain weight in the end.

Do Snack

Well it depends on what kind of snack you eat. Obviously if you snack heavily on chips, candies and chocolate, you're be a rolling ball in no time. But a right pick in snack may actually help you a little bit in your weight loss challenge.

Choose wisely, pick fruit over chips, cream-less salad over candies and chocolate, and you'll be fine. Snacking in a healthy way may even give you some extra energy to do your daily work and help with your craving.

Low Fat and Reduced Fat labels are good

Both "low" and "reduced" are comparative words, which means the fat content in low and reduced fat products are literally lower than the full-fat version. Take a look at the actual label for actual fat content, don't be fooled.

There are food that speed up your metabolism

No, there are not, at least there are no scientifically proven edibles that speed up metabolism. Even if there are, speeding up metabolism does not mean losing weight, you may burn more energy, but if you don't restrain yourself from eating, you'll roll.