It's been uncovered that a few airlines have situated seat-back entertainment systems that contain cameras.

American Airlines, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines all affirmed that they had cameras on their more current entertainment systems but said that they had never initiated them.

It is very likely different planes in use by different carriers may likewise contain the cameras.

The issue was raised after a passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight posted a photograph of the seat-back display a week ago and the tweet was shared a few hundred times.

Singapore Airlines was one of three airlines that affirmed the presence of cameras (EPA)

Buzzfeed first announced that the cameras are also on some American planes.

American Airlines affirmed the cameras and said that companies that make the entertainment systems have introduced them to offer future alternatives, for example, seat-to-seat-video conferencing.

Every one of the three airlines underline that they didn't include the cameras – producers installed them in the entertainment systems.

American's systems are made by Panasonic, while Singapore utilizes Panasonic and Thales, as stated by airline representatives. Neither Panasonic nor Thales reacted to this yet.

As they become smaller and smaller, cameras are being incorporated in more devices, including laptops and smartphones. The existence of cameras in aircraft entertainment systems was known by the aviation society for at least two years prior, though not among the traveling public.

Seth Miller, a writer who addressed the topic in 2017, feels that hardware producers didn't think about the privacy implications.

"There were already cameras on planes - although not so intrusive - and the companies assumed that passengers would trade their images for convenience, as they do with facial-recognition technology at immigration checkpoints," he said.
An American Airlines plane (PA Archive/PA Images)
"Now they're facing blowback from a small but vocal group questioning the value of the system that isn't even active," Miller said.

American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein said cameras are in "premium economy" situates on 82 Boeing 777 and Airbus A330-200 jets. American has about 1,000 airplanes.

"Cameras are a standard element on numerous in-flight entertainment systems utilized by different airlines," he said.

Singapore spokesman James Boyd said cameras are on 84 Airbus A350s, Airbus A380s and Boeing 787s. The carrier has 117 airplanes.

While the airlines state they have no plans to utilize the cameras, a Twitter client named Vitaly Kamluk, who snapped the photograph of the camera on his Singapore flight, recommended that just to make certain the carriers should slap stickers over the lenses.

"The cameras are probably not used now," he tweeted. "But if they are wired, operational, bundled with mic, it's a matter of one smart hack to use them on 84+ aircrafts and spy on passengers."

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