The Sourtoe Cocktail

The Sourtoe Cocktail has been gladly served by the Sourtoe Cocktail Club in Dawson, Yukon Territory, since 1973, despite the fact that we are not so much sure why that is. It's not really a cocktail, but rather more, it is an ingredient that can be added to any drink: a real, preserved human toe.

Various individuals have given their toes to the bar, and it presently has a little collection. There used to be a $500 fine for drinking the toe itself, which was expanded to $2,500 when a man purposely drank the toe in one shot in 2013.

There is just one guideline: "You can drink it quick, you can drink it slowly - yet the lips have gotta touch the toe." Some individuals simply love a test.

Pizza Beer

Pizza and beer have for quite some time been known to go together, particularly on the weekend. One Illinois couple has taken this further by creating Pizza Beer, the "World's First Culinary Beer." They accomplished this by including tomatoes, garlic, and herbs in their blending procedure, accomplishing a taste that numerous individuals have affirmed is the same as that of a pizza.

depending on who you ask, this is either a cursed thing against the great name of pizza or the best development throughout the entire existence of humankind. In the event that you fall for the latter and of the spectrum, you can discover Pizza Beer at a scope of U.S. areas, or on the web.

Gau Jal (Cow Urine Soda)

Gau Jal is a soft drink produced using cow pee. It is the brainchild of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, an unmistakable group of Hindu paramilitary patriots, who hope it will replace the American Coca-Cola as India's go-to soda.

Because of the sacred nature of cows in Hindu culture, cow pee and dung have been used as traditiona remedies for hundreds of years. The creators of Gau Jal trust that their item will prompt a resurgence in the use of cow pee as a health drink. While the soda might be well known with the individuals from the organization, there is little proof that the wider Indian public has taken to replacing its refreshing Cokes with refreshing cow urine.