1.Use a pore camouflaging powder

Including a layer of powder previously or after your makeup can help to blur out fine lines and pores. Assure to pick an formula with ingredients, for example, hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, antioxidants, since different powders can settle into the skin and will emphasize pores and lines.

Makeup brush
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"The key is the way by which you apply," says VIP cosmetics craftsman Alex LaMarsh. "load your powder brush with a couple brisk swipes of product, at that point tenderly buff it into your skin in a round movement. This swirls the powder onto your skin maximizing the blurring effect, cover up lines and pores."

2. Get fequent facials

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Barczewska suggests seeing a facialist every four to six weeks. Why? A little professional extraction and exfoliation can truly help clean your pores without harming the skin, so you end up with more clear, stronger skin. On the off chance that this appears to be way too indulgent for you, consider getting a few times each year or on special events like your birthday — your skin will bless your heart.

3. Remain hydrated

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Indeed, you can and should begin by drinking a ton of water, however you ought to likewise use a hydrating serum before layering on moisturizer. "It helps minimize your pores by plumping up the surrounding skin," clarifies Dr. Craig Kraffert, dermatologist and leader of Amarte. Simply ensure you exfoliate frequently so your hydrator can truly do something amazing — or else, every one of those incredible fixings will only sit on the skin's surface over a layer of dead skin.