Most of the trips were sponsored by the hotels, though not all. To be clear, the hotels are places that helped you improve your overall well-being, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Here are 4 absolute health-oriented hotels that may be helpful for you.

Vista Celestial, Uvita, Costa Rica

The thing is, any hotel for a four-wheel-drive journey has to be great, and Vista Celestial is no exception. Situated high in the jungle mountains of Uvita, this boutique hotel will give you pleasant outlooks and wonderful views of beautiful sunsets for days. As you stay there, you’ll have a strange experience of being encircled by chirping birds and howler monkeys, but you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pacific Ocean beaches below.

Moreover, the food is scrumptious. Because it’s a coastal town, they usually have fish and ceviche for their meals. There are lots of fresh-squeezed tropical fruit juices like mango, guava, and passion fruit. And not only that, because Vista Celestial is a rather small town, so instead of offering a public class per day, they have their yoga teachers on hand. The hotel has a splendid space for yoga amid the jungle, or even the deck of your villa is also a perfect place for you to practice.

Hotel Odisej, Mljet, Croatia

Mljet, the “Green Island” of Croatia, is home to one of the country’s eight national parks. The entire island is full of pine trees, and you’re able to smell and feel that specific freshness easily as soon as you get off the ferry.

It’s placed dead near the ferry port and Mljet National Park. Make sure to not slip the two saltwater lakes in the national park and all of the hiking, biking, and canoeing are also great options for you to try, and especially Konoba Stermasi, an excellent local farm-to-table restaurant which hidden high up in the pine trees. All kinds of food are grown on the island, so it’s fresh and additives-free!

Be Tulum, Tulum, Mexico

The city is a modern mecca for tourists. Recently, Tulum is a little bit more fashion chic than beach-bum cheap, with tons of “woo woo” wellness points dotting its beach.

Although those spots seem to be annoying, in some way it’s not. Tulum remains beachy magic that seeps under your skin, even though that skin is supposed to be concealed in a rather dear Mayan mud mask that costs more than a week’s worth of groceries.

Wildflower Hall, Shimla, India

True that this mountain spot is magnificent. It’s an Oberoi hotel, which is a dead luxury hotel brand based in New Delhi.
Oberoi holds 35 hotels all over the world, which are mainly in India but also in other nations, such as Indonesia, Egypt, and Morocco, to name but a few. And the one in Shimla is particularly epic due to its location: It’s high up in the Himalayas!