Choosing a hotel is one of the biggest problems for most travelers, so it’s really important to make a careful plan for selecting an awesome hotel for your trip. It’s not always the most significant part before traveling, but you truly need a place to sleep and to enjoy your vacation. Here are some quite suitable accommodations, or rather, hotels collected from my experience that may help you save your time and get rid of the frustration.

1.NIZUC Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico

First of all, it just takes you 20 minutes to drive from the Cancun airport to NIZUC, which is why it’s a really quick and healthy getaway for East Coasters because there are lots of direct flights to Cancun from New York City.

The hotel has a gorgeous infinity pool, a sandy beach with large umbrellas for those who hate sunbathing, a luxurious fitness center with numerous public classes every day, a spa with incredible treatments, and delicious and fresh food. Not only that, but the resort also offers a brunch every Sunday spread with seafood.

2. The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villa, Kauai, Hawaii

The ethos of the brand is based on their six standards of wellness—eat well, sleep well, feel well, move well, play well and work well—so to be honest, Westin is a rather great choice for your stay. Their health-minded services are always adequate and their workout gear lending program is an epitome, which enables you to rent New Balance shoes, or rather, all manner of workout equipment for only $5 during your stay. They have a trademark “Heavenly Beds” because their magical pillows are heavenly which will make you sleep like a log.

3. Great Huts Resort, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Great Huts is placed dead on Boston Beach, one of Port Antonio’s most popular beaches and maybe the best surfing area in all of Jamaica, the hotel exactly gives you a special space which just means for the feeling of chill and relaxes. The windy, airy treehouse rooms are in a manner of rusticity, and from that, you’re able to overlook Boston Bay. Moreover, there’s a splendid yoga deck encompassed by trees with daily yoga classes.

Great Huts also gives you relaxing massages. You can get it in the area next to the swimming pool, by the beach, on the yoga deck, or even in your breezy treehouse. The food is scrumptious, too: There’s tons of fresh fish, traditional Jamaican jerk chicken as well as many vegan and gluten-free options, like a vegan vegetable mixture with creamy coconut sauce and brown rice.

4. The Rockhouse, Negril, Jamaica

Concealed by eight acres of green tropical gardens, The Rockhouse is another awesome wellness hotel in Jamaica. It’s reportedly more famous than Great Huts because it has held loads of awards in the travel world.

There are 34 rooms in total, they’re made from stone and thatch, set up to mainly combine with the natural surroundings, and it looks nice: The Rockhouse now and then makes you fail to remember that you are staying in a hotel. The local food is incredibly fresh, from green moringa smoothies to callaloo omelets. And the pool bar is unrelentingly spinning happy reggae melodies, too, which makes it easier than ever to bury away all your worries and problems.