Bangladesh is a country with a lot of natural views from beaches to forests and waterfalls, combined with deep culture and history. While travel to this beautiful country, don't miss a visit to below charming 5 towns.

Bazar Cox

Located in the Chittagong Division, Cox's Bazar, sometimes called Panowa, is a beautiful coastal town with an everlasting long sand beach. The beautiful 75-mile beach is the main reason that makes Bazar Cox be one of the most famous tourist hotspots in Bangladesh.

Besides, Bazar has a lot of beautiful fishing towns. Aggmeda Khyang is a magnificent Buddhist monastery that visitors should visit. Beautiful local handicrafts and homemade cigars are also a specialty that visitors easily find from local sellers.


I went to visit on of my colleagues birth place. After having lunch and some gossiping, started my journey for going back to Dhaka City (Capital of Bangladesh) and found this place on our way. This is rural area. Main occupation of this area is agriculture, specially rice production. Moment was during afternoon.
Photo by Md. Golam Murshed / Unsplash

Located near the capital, it is far about 18 miles from the capital, Sonargaon is a former capital of Bangladesh. The various rulers of the dynasty have contributed to making it more attractive, its deep history reflected in Sonargaon's architectural and cultural history. Sonargaon is also home to an amazing garden, great folk art museum and royal palace. Besides, it is worth a walk to enjoy here in the afternoon.


Located in Rajshahi Division, Bogra is one of the oldest and most attractive towns in Bangladesh. Its a lot of famous attractions help to increase the number of both domestic and foreign tourists.

The most interesting place to visit is an archaeological site from the 19th century and is known as the name Mahasthangarh. The remaining views are predominantly Buddhist, but there are also some Hindu and Muslim views.


A visit to Bangladesh would not be complete without visiting the heart of cultural, economic center: Dhaka, the capital. It is the center of almost activities happening in Bangladesh, and city tours include national memorials, parliament buildings, Lalbag fortresses, Balgha gardens, Hong palaces, and Hatir Jheel Lake and Maynamati.


Mymensingh is a beautiful city with years of the political history of 200. Located on the banks of the charming Brahmaputra River, Mymensingh offers a wide range of cultural, historical and natural attractions, as well as some great picnic points.

You can stroll around the orchid or strawberry gardens, go to the wild park in Gajani, visit historic Jalchhatra Oe to enjoy a boat tour on the river. This city is also home to the famous caft - Nakshi Kantha.