All of us always ache for soft and pink lips, especially women. Not only does it make you look more beautiful, but it also indicates the good health of your lips. Chapped lips are unattractive and they’re rendered bleeding in some serious cases. Chapped or dark pigmented lips are the bane of our existences, but these straightforward remedies help you brighten and soften your lips without a hitch.

The natural ways can make your lips pink and the artificial ones either. The artificial ways involve plastic surgery, scrubbing, or peeling that may severely mean harm to your lips for the long term. For that reason, this article will put artificial techniques to get pink lips on the back burner and just concentrate on the natural ones:

1. Honey-Sugar Scrub

Your lips just need a little tender loving care by a honey and sugar scrub. This scrub is very smooth and suitable for the tender skin of your lips. With the capability of exfoliation, the dead skin cells, which make your lips look terrible, will be gotten rid of gently by this scrub.

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Rather than using white sugar to create this scrub, you can use brown sugar to make it more gentle on the skin. It also boasts the number of antioxidants that prevent ultraviolet (UV) from damaging your skin due to direct sunlight exposure. The glycolic acid content of sugar also keeps the skin conditioned and protects it from toxins.

Honey is a natural humectant, implying that it draws moisture. And not only that, honey simultaneously keeps your exfoliated lips hydrated and healthy. The enzyme's content of honey can make the skin tone of your lips brighter.

2. Pomegranate Seeds and Milk

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Pomegranate plays an important role in lightening pigmented lips. It holds a compound called punicalagin which precludes the development of melanin and also prevents your lips from going darker as exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Raspberries, Aloe Vera and Organic Honey

Berries hold a large number of vital minerals and vitamins which are greatly necessary to maintaining your lips healthy and vibrant. Raspberries, as well as strawberries, can change dark lips into rosy pink lips.

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Aloe vera is a lenitive ingredient, which helps to ease chapped and irritated lips. It also quickens the evolution of new skin cells and lessens skin impairment made by the sun

The mixture of aloe vera, raspberries, and organic honey is one of the best methods for the health of your lips.


To sum up, keep in mind that it’s easier to get nice lips than to maintain them. Be hydrated all the time, get an adequate amount of vitamins, and keep yourself away from bad habits to make sure you have impressive pink lips. Moreover, rub vaseline onto them every night before bed to ensure all the moisture in your lips stays locked in.