Witness his son being dragged down the river by a crocodile from the boat, the father tried his best to stay calm and to look for his 10-year-old son in the water. Despite his effort, all he could find was his son’s leg and head.

When sitting at the end of the boat to play with his siblings offshore of Balabac island, a 10-year-old boy suddenly is dragged down the water by a crocodile. Being informed by the neighbors, His dad desperately went out to looking for his son, however, he came home with empty hands. Not long after that, a fisherman come across his body with only the head and a leg left.

Because of the polluted environment, illegal fishing and poaching has make the crocodile become endangered animal. The overpopulation has narrowed down the living environment of crocodiles in the Philippines. In the recent years, the local official is constantly reported the attack of these animals.

The Jovic Pabello mayor said:

“From the year up till now, there are always cases of people in Balabac being attacked by the crocodile. However, if the people here want to use water, they need to go near the place where these crocodiles are living”

In November, the local was terrified when they discover a hand inside the stomach of a crocodile. This hand is claimed to belong to a fisherman named Cornelio Bonite (33 years old) who went missing when going for a hunt around Balabac. Last month, when swimming at a nearby bay, a 16-year-old girl, Parsi Diaz, luckily survived when her leg was bitten by a crocodile. She used all of her strength to escape from the monster’s jaw.

Last year, a 12-year-old girl was also attacked by a crocodile when she was swimming across the river. Just a few months later, her uncle tragically died because of a crocodile, his body was torn apart.