9.30 AM, 29th of July, Noah was picked up by the schoolbus and found dead after 5 hours in the scorching hot weather.

There was a report stating that the driver of the van, which is sued for picking up pupils to the Ceressa school, did not follow the rule by turning off the security alarm before all the children got off the van. This woman, later on, had been caught.

However, that was not the only mistake, some said that the kindergarten didn’t even have a list of the students’ names. Furthermore, there was no any teacher on the van during the picking up process. For this neglect, Noah had been left in the van for 5 straight hours under the extreme heat from the sun.

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The owner of the Ceressa kindergarten had submitted all the legal document, and the center will be closed after the death of Noah on 29th of July was discovered.

The family of the poor child required responsibility from the person who cause the death of their kid:

“They must pay for what they have caused” – said Teresa Brown, 51-year-old, Noah’s aunt.

In the process of investigation, the police stated that Noah was not remain on the seat for kids from 1 to 3 years old. In response to this, Noah’s mother, Chanese Sneed, said that she did not know why Noah was on the normal seat.

The mother said she was devasted to know that her kid would not come back from school after that day, she wanted to know how the employee can forget a child in a van for such a long time.