A video is currently quite popular on social network. It is about a girl who is being attacked by an octopus that she was trying to eat during her stream.

In the video, the girl, who calls herself “seaside girl Little Seven”, is screaming in pain trying to escape from the powerful suckers of the big octopus. This happen after she failed to dip it in a small glass of hot boiling oil. It seems like the animal was trying to save itself from being eaten alive by her.

After removing the octopus from her face, she was terrified to discover the marks that these tentacles. Some of them were bleeding. In the end of the video, she mentioned that she would have her revenge in a later video.

The struggle between herself and what was meant to be her dinner has since gone viral, with her name trending on social media platforms such as Weibo. However, this is not a positive kind of fame, many people leave critical comments express that she deserved this:

“I don’t blame the octopus. I'd fight back if someone tried to eat me alive too.”
“Honestly I don’t feel bad for the girl the octopus was trying to defend itself and then she puts it in hot oil”
“Is it bad that I was laughing?
"She honestly deserves it. The little octopus was just trying to stay alive”
“She honestly put it in hot oil for revenge.”