Consistently teasing a girl but being ignore, a Korean guy became angry and start to attack the girl right on the street.

On 23th August, 1 video and a few photos of a man hitting a Japanese woman on the street has gone viral. According to a Twitter account named @miyurindarukoro, this happened on a street in Hondae, Mapo district, Korea.

The video showed a Japanese girl is hanging out with her friend and follow her is a Korean man. He kept scolding at her in a very angry way. The reason was because this man asked her to go with him, bust she declined. He became angry and started to follow her, of course he did not forget to insult her on the way. However, he did not want to stand being ignored for any longer, the Korean guy suddenly attacked the woman. In the photos, we can see he had hit her face and grab her hair. The girl is shown to completely defeated by the straight of this violent guy.

The police have launched a probe after the video and the photos went viral. It seems like the Japanese girl did not report what happened to her immediately, it is the police that found her.

According to an official at Seoul Mapo Police Station:

“We have found the victim and the suspect in the alleged assault case, which occurred the previous day and contacted them, we will call them in later in the day and investigate the details of the incident.”

The accident occurred in the middle of the escalating pressures between South Korea and Japan following Tokyo's export restriction on South Korea in apparent retaliation against Seoul's top court rulings on wartime forced labor.

South Korea on Thursday announced its choice to withdraw from a bilateral military intelligence-sharing pact with Japan, refering to a "grave change" in security cooperation conditions between the two nations.