Although have carefully stepped on the escalator, holding the handrail tightly, the man still felt down the hole that suddenly appear on the escalator.

Recently, Channel 5 has posted a document video which showed many horrible accidents relating to escalators around the world. Among them is a case that happened at February, 2018 at a subway in Istanbul city, Turkey.

The tape showed a guy who was stepping on the escalator. Suddenly, a hole appeared right under his foot. He felt down and disappeared in the escalator despite his effort of holding the handrails tightly.

After that, the escalator was shut down, but the man was still trapped inside that escalator. One hour went by under the help of the firefighter, the man was finally free and delivered to the hospital. With a thorough check, the doctor was pleased to inform him that he was fine and just had some minor injuries.

The case make people feel horrified:

"So creepy, I will never use the escalators again"
"Nobody will dare to use the escalator after watching this clip"
"Lucky for that guy, he felt in the escalator but only had minor injuries"

According to a report, before the incident, the staff of the subway had warned the citizen that this escalator has broken down. However, instead of using another stair, they keep continue to walk on the escalator, which has caused the unfortunate accident