One day, an old lady noticed an unpleasant smell form her son’s bedroom, she opened the door and discover the horrific cause of that smell.

A mother of 83 years old lived with her son, who was 63 years old, at an apartment in New Taipei city, Taiwan. However, the two rarely talked, and Mr.Wu usually locked himself inside his bedroom.

Recently, the mother discovered a very stink and unpleasant smell came out from her son bedroom. She decided to knock the door, but there was no response. Thought that there maybe something wrong happened with her son. Mrs.Wu decided to call someone for help. When the door was finally opened, she found out the terrible cause of that distinguish smell.

The house where Mr.Wu and his mother lives

Her son was dead a long time ago and the corpse was in the process of decomposition. Arriving at the scene, the police confirmed that Mr.Wu was still wearing his clothes and laying on his bed. The corpse was already dried.

The mother claimed that she had not seen her son since June. Mr.Wu’s body now had been sent to the forensic agency for further examination.