After many visits to numerous doctors , Mr.Zhang finally knew that a worm parasitizing in his brain was the cause of the long-lasting headache.

Have you ever suffered from headache that lasts for a day? Everyone knows headache tortures us and it prevent us from having any good sleep. However, a man in China had to go through such pain for 30 years!

After that many years, Mr.Zhang decided that this miserable condition should be ended once and for all, and he went to a hospital in Guangzhou, Canton, China to find out the exact cause of this 30-year-old headache. According to Global Times, he has been suffered from this pain since 1989. Sadly, no matter what kind of medicine that the doctor has prescribe for him, it did not work.

After screening mammograms, the doctor came to the conclusion that there is a worm that parasitizing inside his head. It is 10 cm long.

Luckily, the doctors have removed the worm from his head and Mr.Zhang was finally saved from his headache forever.

Why is the worm find it way to Mr.Zhang’s brain?

The reason is because the place where he lives is a village. A common practice here is that snakes and frogs are served as regular food which potentially contain the same kind of parasitic worm that had lived inside Mr.Zhang's head. It could be from drinking water straight from the river, too.