Parents and teachers always think they now exactly what their kids want when it comes to education. However, an engineer from Japan has a completely different thought.

Is the traditional design actually good for our kids?

This is what happen in school. The kids are taught to sit obediently on the little chairs, completely organized – at least until the playtime.

But kindergarteners don't ought to be forced to learn — really, they can't stop learning.

Therefore, educators in Tokyo had a special plan.

Architect Takaharu Tezuka explains during a TEDx Kyoto talk how one school created a kindergarten that doesn't fight against kids' natural impulses. It counts on them.

The roof could be a big ring of a playground. Why? children like to run in a circle

Teachers asked kids to use crates to form their own areas, however somehow it didn't quite manage to be done.

The design has child psychology in mind

Kids will get anxious once they feel walled-in or forced. That doesn't happen here. And since very little dynamos thrive in environments with numerous noise, they've come to the proper place — there are not any acoustic barriers.

The principal says, 'If the boy within the corner don't want to remain in the area, we tend to let him go. And he'll return eventually because the circle comes back. — Takaharu Tezuka

This shows the rambling travels of one little boy over the course of just twenty minutes. Over the course of his entire morning, he covered 6,000 meters, or 3.7 miles!

Things are deliberately a bit risky

Parents have a tough time figuring out how much protection is too much protection. However, kids, Tezuka says, “need to get some injury. that makes them learn how to live in this world." and then, he says, there has to be a “small dosage of danger."

Should all kindergartens be like this?

We still do not know for sure. However, there's plenty of debate recently regarding standards-based teaching and why our children don't appear to be learning as much as they need to.

This refreshingly artistic and successfully defy kindergarten is at least a reminder that there's still a great deal to learn concerning educating kids, especially at this miraculous young age.