Frankly good looks are just on the surface, and when the day ends, it's totally insignificant if you ignore the more valuable parts of your personality, like compassion and intellect. But once in a while, we want to show the world our finest appearance. Don't worry, science has given us proven ways to look more appealing.

Despite our culture emphasizing too heavily on how we look on the outside, and i feel the media is certainly generating idealistic views of attraction (I must work full-time, have the looks and lifestyle of a movie star, eat healthier, hit the gym regularly? How do I start?), I most certainly enjoy the confidence when I'm delighted about the way I look. That's just written in our genes, regardless our awareness of our society's unaccommodating obsession with looking "perfect."

With this in mind, there are very simple methods that science is providing us to look more beautiful - that optimistically will elevate your courage to tackling a crucial moment or occasion. What cosmetics and fashion essentially do to us, is how they make us feel, and not about what they really do to us on the exterior.

Keeping up the mood, here are some scientifically backed tips for you to try, to appear lovelier than you already are.

-Maintain White Teeth

Research from the University of Leeds, published on Business Insider,clean white teeth are a good guideline for healthiness, meaning, instant attraction. So pick any whitening solution suitable to you and smile away.

-Style you Hair with Volume

According to an article in Everyday Health, thick hair has a relation with healthiness, which immediately gives you more appeal. For those with thinner hair or diminishing hair related to age, celebrity stylist Oribe suggested using a dry shampoo on the roots for you hair to soak up heavy oils and produce an impression of voluminous hair.

-Pay Attention to your Skin

A publication by the National Institutes of Health revealed that a glossy skin is a key element in general charisma because, akin to white teeth, it signifies good health right away. Right now is a good start to take care of your skin. Use a mild exfoliate cream, apply a reliable moisturizer afterwards and unveil that heightened conviction. And remember to put on sun cream for maximum protection.

-Keep Red Lipstick Close

In the identical Business Insider article, a University of Manchester research determined the most captivating and exciting face characteristics are our lips. Using a red colored lipstick captured more attention that lasted seven seconds longer on average. Want to seduce someone? Red is the preferred color!

-And Combine with a Red Dress

The red lipstick in combination with a red dress is the final touch for attractiveness. Research from the University of Rochester showed volunteers considered photographs of the same person in different outfits, more appealing wearing red than in other colors.


It's hard to believe, but it's true — an examination highlighted in the Social Psychology Bulletin highlighted by quietly indistinctly copying the individual we're conversing with can build up your appeal. Make sure to focus on their non-verbal communication the next time you talk to someone you like and try to match motion or stance. Inconspicuous mimicry shows affection.

-Draw Attention to Your Symmetry

Facial symmetry is considered firmly correlated with appeal, affirmed by a Stanford study. Nevertheless, the truth is that the majority of our faces are not 100% uniform. Our eyes may have tiny differences, our mouth somewhat one-sided, our nose somewhat crooked. This is perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about. To lift your confidence a bit, a little magic called make-up can do wonders. Above Youtube video shows you how.


Harvard psychologist Craig Malkin believes that confidence transforms you instantly in a more attractive individual because confident people behave in a manner which causes trust towards other people, like looking straight in the eye and positive non-verbal communication, open minded and mean what they say. Even if you're a bit shy, with some practice and determination, you can be whatever you want to be. I believe you can do it.

The one who has the most comments about the way we look, is yourself. Now with the help of science, there is no need to feel insecure anymore. Together with a touch of magic and some red, you know for certain you are incredible!