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Is Colombia a safe destination to travel to?

Colombia, the South American nation with an alarming reputation for warring drug barons and kidnappings, is a luring new destination for voyagers. Be that as it may, exactly how safe is it? Travel safety expert Phil Sylvester put on his columnist's cap and did some examining. No judgment about the

Moai - The Easter Island Head

The Moai also known as the Easter Island heads are monolithic human figures located on Easter Island, which can be found on the east edge of the Polynesian triangle.They were carved by the Rapa Nui people between the years 1250 and 1500 AD. The MoaiNo one really knows why

The Bridge Of The Gods

Locate in Bana Hills, Da Nang city, Vietnam, the golden bridge has been wowing tourists from around the world ever since it opened in June 2018. This 500 foot-long pedestrian bridge was built to help connect a cable car station ( which also holds the Guiness Records for the highest and

The world's smallest movies - so small that each pixel is an atom.

We can look up at the sky and see the stars and nebulae and other galaxies with telescope and be excited by the strange interesting patterns the universe forms. We can also look in the other direction down towards the small and see new and strange and exciting patterns that

Captain Marvel Review - The Perfect Kick Off For A Super Heroine

Captain Marvel really is an important piece of the MCU, also a pretty awesome piece of art for every one. This article may reveal some of the movie's content and if you haven't seen the movie yet, please turn around to homepage and read other articles, please proceed at your

Europe Spring Destinations - Part 2

Noordoostpolder, HollandOn the off chance that it's flowers you're after, Holland's yearly tulip sprout is a marvel that pulls in a great many travelers every year. While the tulips themselves tend not to show up until mid-April, brisk riser travelers can in any case appreciate a fabulous show of snow

Europe Spring Destinations - Part I

It's shoulder season in Europe, and the children are off from school — what more reason do you have to get a flight abroad? In case you're arranging a very late escape, the potential outcomes for a springtime excursion are many. Is Dublin's popular St Patrick's Day Parade calling to you?