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5 steps to become a certified yoga therapist

Firstly, to get a more profound comprehension of the contrast among yoga and yoga therapy, I unequivocally prescribe you read my piece, What is Yoga Therapy? Since we have the definition clear, here are the means on the best way to turn into a certified yoga therapist. Step 1: Be

The Things You Should Know About Sunscreen

Sunscreen helps protect our skin against UVA and UVB rays. UVA and UVB are two different types of ultraviolet radiation, it damages the skin ages it prematurely and increases your risk of skin cancer. Sun damage is one of the largest contributors to aging skin. Did you know that sun

Bacon - From Top To Toe Story

Did you know that 43% of Canadians would choose bacon over sex? At least that’s what a 2010 survey found. Or did you know that is was included in the first meal ever consumed on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin? Bacon are packed with calories -

What Would It Feel Like If You Stop Drinking Coffee For A Week?

We all know that caffeine is responsible for that little energy boost you get when you drink a cup of coffee.But, what exactly is it? Caffeine is a natural stimulant found most commonly in coffee, tea and cocoa plants. The first brewed tea has been traced back as far

Are Make-up Products Really Safe?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - but since our survival is largely driven by sexual selection, we often attempt to accentuate our features with makeup. So what exactly is in makeup products, and should we trust these substances that we apply to our bodies? Could makeup actually

Yoga Styles Fully Explained

Yoga is getting very popular these days, you may see a lot of your friends are yogi ( yoga practitioners) and you may think that with all its rumored health benefits, yoga may just be another trendy stuff that people like to take. But with nearly 3000 years of history, yoga

Korean style makeup in-depth guide

Other than K-pop idols, dramas, and maybe kimchi, what else do you consider when you hear "Korea"? On the off chance that you are a makeup addict, you will most likely be thinking at this moment: "Korean makeup, obviously!" From their super adorable bundling and performing multiple tasks benefits, numerous