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Mental detox for the best version of you

We often come across messages about the importance of body detox, but have you ever been urged to "mental detox", "detox" our mind? Because mental and physical health are closely related, having a comfortable mind will help your body be younger and healthier. After a period of stress and depressed,

Tips on how to mix and match color for this fall

Fall fashion is not only a dark or neutral color.  The following color schemes for clothes will help you "dress up" a younger look to become fall ladies. When fall comes and brings cool weather with it, we often think of warm tones such as brown, cinnamon, gray ... However, do

Tips to lose weight by using green coffee beans

In the previous news, we have known why green coffee is better than regular coffee. This time, we will discuss about ways to use green coffee to lose weight. Green coffee beans have great ingredients for weight loss. High orac value: This is an antioxidant scale. The higher this value,

Green coffee beans - perfect caffeinated drinks for your health

Coffee is a familiar drink to us. This drink is very handy and increases concentration. However, it also brings some negative health effects so we cannot use coffee regularly. But if you are a coffee addict, there is a solution for you: green coffee beans. Green coffee beans not only

JUSTIN BIEBER - Back to old self on wedding day

Left the sloppy look behind, Justin Bieber appears in a handsome way on the wedding day 30/9. Recently the wedding of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin (renamed Hailey Bieber) takes place on 30/09.  The ceremony is held at the Montage Palmetto Bluff resort in Bluffton, South Carolina (USA)

Six days to clean up trash mountain of tenant

Cleaning the house is not everyone’s favorite chore. The house may look clean when you first glance at it, but later there will definitely more trash than you thought earlier. For Hang Dhamin – who has a house for rent – cleaning the house become nightmare. The poor host confronted with

Do you know about Lake Mashu in Japan?

Lake Mashu is regularly referred as Kamuito, signifying "the lake of gods", and local people avoid to go near the lake as they can get into trouble easily. Conceived from a volcanic ejection around 2,000 years back, Japan's baffling Mashu-ko, or Lake Mashu, is reputed to be one of