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The secret inside the 90 tons Egypt tomb

The secret inside the 90 tons Egypt tombs always fascinates people, although these secrets have been revealed for a long time. However, there is one question that up to now, no archeologists can answer, that is how the ancient people can do the impossible. The discovery is once again being

Parents spent RM300.000 to build a princess castle for their daughter wedding

Every girl wants to become a princess in their wedding. Well, this Malaysian girl’s dream has definitely come true! Her parents have spent RM300.000 to build her a princess castle, just for her wedding! The young Afza Farzana Ahmad has always dreamed to become a princess since she

What to do and don’t do when a painful pimple appear on your face

Pimples, everyone’s worst nightmare, we’ve all been through the situation where suddenly a giant pimple appears on our face. This definitely effects your confidence when hanging out with your friend and participate in every other social activity. Don’t  panic, remember these do’s and don’ts tips

How to wear summer clothes in the freezing cold winter

We have assembled some convenient thoughts that will help change your summer closet into a winter-friendly one, with the help of good investments in good interchangable and fashionable pieces. LayersLayers are a key for changing your closet and the mixes are limitless. Layering is simple and can be possible with

The mysterious case of a girl whose body has been dumped into a chemical barrel for 30 years

Haven’t gotten over the death of Tinder Bell, her sister, Angela Wade, is worried about the fact that the instigator is still living outside the law. The last time Tina Bell was seen was in 8.20 PM on the 2ndJune 1989. She was 18 at that time. After

Five must have piece of clothing a a woman luggage

The key to effective packing is picking clothes that are lightweight, easily washable, dried and worn again is always a smart thought as well. However, it is also important to pack a few of versatile things that can easily be mixed and matched to make numerous outfits and looks. Here

Follows these 7 tips to treat your acne effectively

1.Talk to a doctor concerning hormone pillsPacks of hormonal birth control pills piled up Hormonal birth control pills are generally prescribed to stop acne. Birth control pills will help to stop acne, by helping to control the hormones which will make acne worse. Photo by freestocks.org / UnsplashHowever, these