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Tips For The Adventurous Traveller

The world is a big place, with so many things to see and explore. Are you adventurous and want to broaden your vision? Here are some tips to make your travels even more interesting. Plan, but not too muchGet to know some more about the place you're going to. Plan

Terrible Beloved People

Being human means having flaws, but some take it to the next level. Amongst those are some of the most cherished people in the history of mankind. On the surface they seem perfect but in reality they were really terrible people. GandhiMahatma Gandhi, the nonviolent Indian activist, didn't just have

Microplastic, not so fantastic

Plastic is everywhere. It's hard to imagine a world without plastic. It is a  versatile material and has a lot of assets over other materials. Just look around you, you will see items that are made of, or have incorporated, plastic. But let's focus on the things you can't see

Ferment Your Pickles

In the past, before the time of refrigerators, people fermented their food in order to preserve them. That is in my opinion one of the best ideas mankind has thought of. When fermented right, it is so delicious, and it turn out it is good for your gut flora, along

These Mushrooms Are Magically Medicinal

Fungi are important for nutrient cycling in nature. They break down organic matter, making them the number one decomposers in ecological systems. While some fungi are beneficial to us, like penicillin and yeast, others can be toxic. Normally fungi are so small, you can’t see them, but mushrooms, the

Skin Care Tips

With so many skin-care products available today, what is the best way to take care of your skin? Here some basic tips to give your skin the attention it needs. Stop touching your pimples Some people can’t resist the temptation to pinch a zit, ripened or not. But that

Choose Not To Snooze

The invention of the snooze button is literally an eye-opener, or is it? Getting those few minutes of extra sleep isn't that healthy according to science. While you are still asleep, your body is already preparing to wake up, two hours before you actually get up. Raising your body temperature