For some, a major piece of any occasion is the food you eat, the food you recall and the food you would prefer to overlook. In Turkey, street food is a lifestyle and just can not be disregarded. Below is the cheap and delicious food that make you amazing!


Kokorec is  made from various sheep or goat organs, wrapped it the intestines of the same animal.

For everybody who is questioning about what food will satisfy your heart and your stomach, this food will be a best question!

If anyone is wondering about stomach problem, you also should consider about this food. However,when in Turkey ... something that sounds that questionable must be worth a try.


Perhaps you do not really need to travel several miles for one kebab, when getting one in your nation is absolutely simple. The mind-boggling hunger, the genuine requirement for dish, the way that it is went with lettuce is a simple avocation for a late night healthy snack. Remember that the tasteless flirtation with the kebab man and the mind-boggling revulsion, the next morning at your greed.

Turkey invites you to an entirely different universe of the kebab. Anytime of the day, multiple in the event that you extravagant, the kebab is road nourishment to begin you off. The new bread, plate of mixed greens, and meat taste is better than anyone might have expected and the agreeable chat with your road gourmet specialist will keep you returning for a long time.


AGözleme – or saç böreği – that dish is a super tasty Anatolian flat bread with various savoury fillings. It is really a great the trick when you’re looking for a snack that is gonna fuel you for a good few hours.