It will not shock Brits that the big fan of beer would do best to veer away from the south in the event that they need to purchase pints of their preferred drink at a decreased cost.

The cheapest places to purchase a pint in the UK have been revealed, and as can be normal, London has set appropriate at the base of the list.

The research, which was conducted by value correlation site Finder, has been discharged to stamp International Beer Day on Friday 2 August.

The organization obtained the statistics used in the study from worldwide cost-of-living sites Expatistan and Numbeo, which were precise as of Monday 29 July.

As indicated by the investigation's findings, the cheapest places in the UK to purchase in a cup of beer is Preston, Lancashire, where the normal expense of a cup is £3.06.

Perth in focal Scotland comes in second place, where the normal cost of a cup of beer is 1p more costly.

In third place is Sunderland, where a cup of beer costs a normal of £3.25, and joint fourth place goes to Liverpool and Kingston upon Hull, where the normal cost is £3.27.

London was observed to be the most costly city in the UK to purchase a cup of beer, with a normal cost of £5.18.

As indicated by Finder's research, this is double the normal expense of a cup of beer over the globe.

Here are the 10 least expensive places to purchase a cup of beer in the UK, as per Finder's exploration:

  • Preston: £3.06.
  • Perth: £3.07.
  • Sunderland: £3.25.
  • Liverpool: £3.27.
  • Kingston upon Hull: £3.27.
  • Feed on-Trent: £3.29.
  • Southend-on-Sea: £3.29.
  • Dundee: £3.29.
  • Swansea: £3.31.
  • Sheffield: £3.37.