Security and Health

Before taking a solo trip, check-in with your doctor and insurance provider. Double-check to ensure that you have the right vaccinations and that you have established every basic remedy. Additionally, ask your medicinal insurance supplier if your policy applies for emergencies abroad. In the event that it doesn't, and you need to include additional coverage, think about supplemental insurance.

Bring copies of your visa

In the case that your international ID gets stolen or lost, you need to make sure that you can return your country, and have the ability to prove your citizenship.

Leave a copy of your passport/visa at home: For additional reinforcement, leave a copy of your visa at home, or with somebody you trust. Consider making an electronic copy you can store in your email account, too.

Register with your government office: In the event that there's an issue in the country, this will make it simpler for your government to get in touch with you and get you to a safe place.


Look into the exchange rate before you travel abroad: Discovering that one Danish Krone is equivalent to only 19 pennies is a potentially awful surprise. Ensure you do your math before you travel, so you're aware of the current conversion rate.

Ensure your credit/debit card will work in the country you're visiting: European banks have changed completely to the more secure chip-and-PIN innovation, and less organizations abroad are accepting the outdated magnetic-strip card.

Go to a bank or ATM in the country you're visiting: The conversion centers in the airport can potentially be huge rip-offs. Finding the appropriate ATM means won't get charged as much, and the transfer rate will be more accurate.

Always carry local money on you: There are many places that does not accept credit cards. However, particularly important spots like trains or transit centers, usually do.

Call your bank or credit card supplier before you go: Sometimes banks believe that fraud is taking place if purchases are being made in a far off country. They then will potentially turn off your card as a safety method.

Check the country's entrance/exit fees: A few countries expect travelers to pay so upon entering and/or leaving the country. These charges are excluded from the cost of your plane ticket, and can range from $25 to $200.