You’ve met that person who can be ‘the one’, and it seems like he’s thinking the same since he’s suggested you meet his parents!
The fact that his parents like you is usually a very important factor at this stage of a relationship, thus you actually need to create an honest impression. So, how do you know what to wear once you meet his parents?
Here're some questions to answer before taking a look through your wardrobe:

Where are you going?

If you’re having an intimate family dinner at home, you would possibly need to dial the glam down and dress a bit more simply. This is not the time to show off your attractive shape. Meeting at a restaurant can offer more leeway once it involves dressing up however keep the sexy numbers at home and pick something a bit sophisticated.

What time are you going to meet up?

A casual brunch needs a daytime, chic look. Evening occasions are going to be dressier, and this can be where your LBD might be more well-suited.

How do you want to come across?

I recommend that it’s elegant, friendly and likable. His parents are going to be hoping for somebody who sounds like she’ll be stable, reliable, friendly and easy to get on with. To do that, you’re best to steer clear of items that are too structured, styled, revealing, trendy, or too conspicuous.

How do you show a touch of personality?

Going for a classic, trendy look doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal style. In fact, it’s usually smart to show off a bit of yourself.

The best way to show your personality is through prints, accessories or clever styling. Not gaudy statement items or skin-tight clothes. Consider how you'll be able to add an interesting twist or an uncommon accessory to a classic outfit. Sounds like these are usually loved and may act as conversation starters that will show a remarkable side of you or prompt a story about your lie or experiences.