Bra clasps, familiar items that can be found in clothes or underwear. However, have you ever thought these little hangers are more useful than their main function? Surprisingly, they are! The Caroline Waterfowl Rescue owner has posted an interesting announcement on its Facebook page, calling people to send their unused bra clasps to the sanctuary so that they can use these tiny items to save turtles’ lives.

Not so long ago, another organization also asking for people their discarded bra clasps. Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary explained that:

“We will use them to pull the crack in the turtle shell together to help it heal,”

How can these bra clasps save those turtles?

We all know turtles and tortoises have very hard shell. It can protect them from quite powerful impact but not from cars, lawn mowers or other animals such as dog and mice. If their shells are broken, their lives could be threaten due to infection. Different from hermit crab, turtles cannot be separated from their shells.

The spring season when turtles move onto the shoreline to lay their eggs can be a perilous time for the reptiles. The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue has recently been taking in as many as 40 injured turtles per week, according to Mark Price of the Charlotte Observer. Rainy weather can also drive turtles out of their watery habitats, increasing the animals’ chances of colliding with cars and other shell-crunching machinery.

Unstable injury is painful to the animals and human. Furthermore, it cannot heal. In order to treat cracked animal shells, the vet need to stabilize the wound, this will give them a better chance to heal properly. However, the tool used to treat these kinds of injuries is quite limited.

On the other hand, with the bra clasps, the rescuer can glue them directly on turtles’ shell in the opposite side, then a zip tie is used to secure the pieces of shell together. After the shell has completely heal, the turtles will be sent back to the wild, where they can live a happy life.

Recycle so that you can save an animal life. Why not?

This is such a great way to recycle old bra clasps. We not only save the environment but also join hand to save many turtles’ lives.

Just a few weeks after calling for donation, the two organization say that they have receive more than enough bra clasps. They are happy to know that now their rescued turtles’ injuries can be treated properly.