What better approach to demonstrate you're a genuine hair chameleon than a spontaneous  dye job? Emma Roberts has displayed each tint from blonde to cotton sweet pink and looks similarly impressive in every one of them. Be that as it may, her latest hairdo change was a complete YOLO move. Rather than a champion neon shade, she's returning it to an amped-up variant of her normally brunette strands.

Recently, the previous Scream Queens star uncovered her new look on Instagram with the inscription, "Back to the basics" underneath a straight-on shot of her shoulder-length strands. And keeping in mind that Roberts kills in every color and style (lit.), there's something oddly new about this profound tint that keeps us bolted into her reveal.

Perhaps it is the dull shading, bold eyebrows (tinted to match her new shading) and choppy lobs that make her green eyes pop. Simultaneously, it also radiates a sophisticated-but-still-youthful look we're continually trying to ace. Also, the dark color is appropriate for winter and the caramel-colored tips converse flawlessly into spring.

Stated by hair professional, Nikki Lee, who is in charge of the dye job, Roberts strolled into the salon with plans to touch up her blonde strands yet she chose to change things spontaneously. Also, we're not distraught at it. Lee, who is Roberts' long-time stylist, says the 28-year-old on-screen character is the "queen of change" and displays it well time and again. We totally agree.

Based on: stylecaster.com