Big-brother oversized blazer

Internet users keyed in names of celebrities who inspired the look to narrow down their search for the ideal blazer. The Forbes-listed Chinese actress Yao Chen – dubbed China’s Angelina Jolie because of her full lips – was one of them. She played an iron-lady character in the popular Chinese drama All is Well and wore suits in most of the episodes.




Baggy has been the most searched keyword among female buyer in 2019 so far, with “baggy pants” and “baggy hoodies” among the top 10 searches. Internet users endorsed that finding, and explained loose clothes could cover up fat.

I bought baggy clothes just because I gained weight by drinking too much bubble tea” a comment on Weibo read.

Fitness legging


Fitness legging is having an increase in active lifestyles and sports participation among the population, and the popularity of sportswear as an extension of casual wear in fashion, as epitomized by athleisure.

Korean style

For the last years, with the launch of Korean TV series, more and more K-pop groups and Korean stars are seen on Chinese commercials. Korean fashion style is like a hot wind, blowing into the Chinese market, that becomes an indicator for Chinese and Asian fashion trend. It is very popular with youngsters, very often called “little fresh” and “stupid but sweet”. The speed of changes is pretty high that most popular Korean brands are a fast-fashion type.

Hanfu – Traditional dress

Hanfu is rapidly growing in popularity, especially among young Chinese women — the average age of wearer is just 21, and nine out of ten are female, according to an industry report published on Sohu. Hanfu fans on the community site Baidu Tieba now exceed 925,000.