The key to effective packing is picking clothes that are lightweight, easily washable, dried and worn again is always a smart thought as well. However, it is also important to pack a few of versatile things that can easily be mixed and matched to make numerous outfits and looks. Here are 5 examples of travel clothes that are incredibly versatile.

Maxi skirts

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A versatile maxi skirt is significant, for your luggage as well as for your whole closet since you can go from a casual afternoon of touring to a progressively charming night out on the town with simply the change of your shoes, top and a few accessories. If you pick a flowy, lightweight maxi skirt, you can even put on it for your walk on the shoreline.

A Pashmina Or long scarf

A beautiful pashmina is another clothing piece that is wonderful for your luggage and your closet. The term "Pashmina", initially known for being made with pashmina cashmere, is currently a term that certain people use to express a large scarf.

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Notwithstanding the name, it's an amazingly versatile piece which can be worn around the shoulders like a shawl for a splendid night out, folded over your waist as a skirt for a beachside café or worn as a scarf for the travel from home to your departure airport.


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In case you like leggings, pack a few sets and possibly a couple of leggings (jean leggings) rather than jeans. They're very comfortable, lightweight, almost wrinkle proof and can undoubtedly be folded up to fit into a modest space. They're likewise versatile. You can wear them to exercise or as pyjamas. You can dress them up and wear them under a long button-down shirt or throw on a chunky sweater over them. In case you're traveling to nations where you want to visit a sanctuary like Buddhist temple, you can throw on a pair of leggings over your shorts since you're not permitted to wear shorts in Buddhist temples.

Tank Tops/Vest Tops

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In the event that you like tank tops otherwise known as vest tops, it's always worth packing a couple in your luggage. They're not only nice for the fitness center or while jogging, if you pick the correct type, they'll also look great when worn with trousers, shorts, leggings, under a blazer or a suitable skirt. On colder days, they can be worn under a long sleeve top as an additional layer to help keep warmer.

A loose blouse or tunic

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A slightly loose blouse can rapidly be given another look, by plainly including a belt. If it's long enough, it can be worn as a mini-dress. For much greater adaptability pick the sort that has ¾ roll-up sleeves.

More clever packing tips

Assure to mix and match your clothing pieces.

Pair your leggings with your long top or tunic. Wear that top with your maxi skirt or swap out the top for the tank and wear it with both the leggings and the maxi skirt. You'll be amazed at amount of various outfits you can make with 5 versatile clothing pieces.