It has no big surprises to adore a nation like Taiwan and its capital city, Taipei. You could spend a peaceful morning on camping the lush mountains of Alishan or sunbathing on Kenting's radiant beach, one of the most topographically various districts in Asia which is not short on open-air activities even in Taipei.

The location of Beitou – only a 30-minute metro ride north of the downtown area – is highlighted with aquariums and green fields. Cooler temperatures between December and February make the period-perfect for aquarium visits.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Beitou is a source of open-air sulfur hot springs, most of the hot springs are gotten to from Beitou Hot Spring Park. Once in the past, an open bathhouse and developed with both European and Japanese authority, look at the Beitou Hot Spring Museum for a trove of historic collections that describe Beitou's distinct local culture. You will have a great experience in the shower on the first floor and then head to the tatami anteroom to enjoy a fragrant cup of tea.

Millennium Hot Springs Public Bath House

Hot-springs are one of the important elements of tourism in Beitou. That has led to a range of different choices for visitors, from luxury spa hotels to more affordable options. Millennium Hot Spring is one of these options.

Only a couple of minutes westward of the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, the public baths are quite the same as a public pool, so you can freely relax with your friends. It’s a great idea for someone who first come here or those who cannot bear strong sulfurous smells of other hot springs. It costs you about NT$ 40 for one person.

Thermal Valley

Covered in a thick shroud of sulfurous gases, the mysterious view of Thermal Valley’s basin of bubbling waters is due to their high temperatures is because of their high heat (up to 100℃), which means they only can be watched the view from the observation decks. The rare radioactive "Beitou Rocks" which only exist in few places in the world – Tamagawa, Japan, are also found here. Beitou itself is a debased variant of the Ketagalan individuals' name for the Valley, Patauw.

Liuhuanggu Sulphur Valley Geothermal Area

Being an uncommon place, but just as the picturesque area of Yangmingshan National Park, the air surrounding Liuhuanggu is full of minerality from sulfur deposits rooted in the hills. Notwithstanding, the strong odor of sulfur, you’ll be surprised with gorgeous scenes of a green lake against old mining hills. You’ll likely chance upon the valley while visiting other well-known landmarks on the Beitou-Zhizihu route around Yangmingshan.

Ketagalan Culture Center

The Ketagalan are indigenous people in Taiwan, and both the Aboriginal Culture Library and the Ketagalan Culture Center celebrates and jelly their native convention and craftsmanship. You can walk along with the street that displays contemporary craftsmanship, living merchandise, and religious and profound antiquities. Two galleries are no need any fee to join.

Beitou Public Library

Taiwan’s first green library is an enigma in itself.  It provides eco-friendly features that made from wood and managed forests. Huge windows bring sunlight to replace inner lighting, and the roof is partly in photovoltaic groups that turn sunlight into electrical lights, and rainfall is saved to provide for the library’s toilets.

Peng Lai Restaurant

A little restaurant settled on Zhonghe Street, Peng Lai serves up authentic Taiwanese fare in a place that takes less than 5 minutes to go from the nearest train station. It is known for its pork ribs – marinated for 20 hours before being deep-fried to a golden brown crisp while remaining tender on the inside. The other must-try recipes are the Jadeite Tofu and Taro Crisp.

Marshal Zen Gardens

The building of Marshal Zen Gardens was built during a period when the Japanese still held parts of Taiwan as an amusement center for soldiers. Momentarily, the old-time Japanese setting houses a hot spring and restaurant viewing Guanyinshan and the whole of the Beitou hot spring area.