Fashion month fits many interesting, remarkable looks all through the world. One perceptible trend (primarily since it's difficult to miss) has been the fuse of puffer coats in high fashion designs. (No, I'm totally serious.) And, subsequent to seeing the grandest presentation of puffers amid Milan Fashion Week, we believe it's safe to state that puffer coat couture is the best thing to occur amid fashion month up until this point.

Milan Fashion Week has been loaded up with unimaginable looks, yet one specific show emerged as potentially the most crazy presentation of high fashion we've seen so far: the Moncler Genius show with Pier Paolo Piccioli. Moncler and Piccioli transformed puffer coats into a work of couture fashion so absurd, we can't resist the urge to love it. The showcase highlighted long couture puffer outfits in countless dazzling colors—prepared for the coldest of grand balls. If ever you feel the need to wear couture and stay warm in the meantime, these puffer coat gowns are for you.

The strong and truly excellent shades of these puffer gowns were influenced by Ethiopian artists, and the show itself was set around old Milanese architecture. Piccioli likewise worked with Liya Kebede, whose project Lemlem attempts to create garments made by neighborhood artists in Ethiopia, including different parts of Africa. In view of the outcomes, it was a match made it puffer coat paradise.

While we've seen the rare occurrence of puffer couture before—particularly the puffer coat dresses presented in Moncler's Winter 2018 collection—the Moncler Genius project took the wild trend to another dimension this year amid Milan Fashion Week. It's all that we cherish about couture and all that we adore about remaining warm and comfortable amid winter. Fashion month isn't finished, yet Moncler and Piccioli have designed a collection that will be hard to surpass.

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