Randy Betz is a medical sales consultant. He has a small interest in animals. Beside his day job, Randy also helps people to hatch their own tortoises’ eggs. He has been worked with deformity for a long time, however, Helix – the little deformed tortoise was a special case.

The tiny fella’s two legs were upside down due to turtle-related birth defect called spina bifida which prevent him from walking. Randy took his little guy to the vet for a small CT check. The result show that his right side (the deformed side) has a smaller lung than the other one. However, the vet confirm that this was not a big deal since the lung was not small enough to cause any respiratory problem. Randy was happy about this news for sure.

After the check, he realized that the tortoise walking problem should be solved since this may be very inconvenient for him. He would not be able to eat his food if it is not in his range so, Randy decided to use super glue to attach the little wheel which he took from the skateboard toy. The little wheel fit in perfectly! Now his tortoise can roam around and chew on the food anywhere he wants!