So you want to go on a trip with your family, and decide to do some research on which countries are most suitable for a summer destination. However, it may be difficult to find a reliable source. Thanks to the travels experts from Lonely Planet, you have assistance in deciding where to go, with their list of top 5 countries to visit.

1. Sri Lanka

Beautiful beaches, magnificent jungles, and breath-taking mountains make up an attractive country. Many tourists are amazed by the beauty and diversity of this island. Perhaps the most memorable sight is the view from Adam’s Top. You can hike to the top of this mountain in 5 - 6 hours, depending on your ability.

This place is also famous for being home to the world’s largest mammal, which is the blue whale. Imagine swimming in the ocean with these beautiful giants, or finding a spot under a palm tree at the beach...go pack your bags!

2. Germany

Germany is famous among travelers for its natural wonders and enjoyable hiking spots. It’s full of countless peculiar attractions, such as the Onion Museum in Weimar, the Dumping Ground/Open-Air Museum in Berlin, as well as the Gnome Museum in Thuringian Forest.

The German Christmas market however, is in a league of its own. Nothing will beat the sizzling sausages and sweet-scented gingerbread that can be found at the market here.

Blessed with lengthy coastlines, Germany also boasts fantastic mountains, such as the Alps, also the lesser-known Harz ranges, in the north of Germany. Without a doubt, Germany is one of the countries to visit in 2019.

3. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one highly underrated South African country, with many hidden gems waiting to be explored. It's home to four World Heritage Sites, namely Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Parks, the Great Republic of Zimbabwe Ruins and the Kama Ruins. The possibilities of spotting one of The Massive 5 (leopard, lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo) on a safari tour of one of the country’s world-renowned national parks, is very high.

Adventure enthusiasts are excited by the prospect of white water rafting and canoeing on the Zambezi river. The varied landscape provides plenty of material for photographers as well.

4. Panama

Despite being surrounded by many kilometers of coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Panama holds firm to its ground. It's a slim, relatively small country, home to many coffee farms, rainforests, beaches, and basically everything on the wishlist for a tropical escapade. Panama ranks sixth on the Happy Planet Index, which implies that the country is doing a wonderful job at ensuring its citizens “achieve long, happy, sustainable lives”.

For wildlife enthusiasts, Panama is a paradise. Tourists have an opportunity of spotting exotic animals such as vibrant quetzals, toucans, ospreys, white-faced capuchins, and tamarins.

5. Kyrgyzstan

Odds are, if you've heard of this country, one of the first things that came to mind was how to pronounce its name. So to those still wondering, it’s pronounced "Keer-giz-stan".

Believe it or not, it’s easy to see why Kirghizstan appears on the list of top countries to visit in 2019. It's a land of untouched natural beauty, celestial mountains, crystal clear lakes, and rolling pastures.

The wildlife is recognizable by scattered shepherds inhabiting the country, who live a semi-nomadic life-style. Visiting Kyrgyzstan can help to understand further about the folk story of the Kyrgyz, as well as the extremely fascinating Epic of Manas. Therefore, this country easily makes the list of best countries to visit in 2019.