Color and complexion are rather important subjects we haven't talked about much here. This appears to be important to the women when they apply cosmetics, which makes sense when you're essentially coloring your face.

In case you're investing energy in selecting some pleasant clothes to wear, why not make an additional move to pick colors that look best with your skin tone? There are a lot of approaches to decide the ideal color palette for your skin tone. However, it's not as complicated as you think

Here are a few tips and pointers that will help:

How to find colours that look good on you?

Color is a hard thing to get wrong, and fortunately for guys, it doesn't make a difference that much at any rate. There's a lot of colors called #menswearNeutrals that works well for all guys.

As far as the chart that effortlessgent put together (see below), There's a great possibility you might not have the definite coloring of any of these models, and that is fine. Just pick somebody who matches closest.  In case you're in between two guys' skin complexion, you can wear colors (and avoid colors) relegated to them two.

Simply remember that most colors look fine on everybody, and you can't generally turn out badly.

This list isn't scientifically demonstrated, so use it as a general rule, and veer off when necessary. Keep in mind that none of this is set in tone with no exception; it's important for you to attempt stuff and see what looks great on you.

Some things to remember:

  • If you have a lighter, paler complexion, avoid stark black and white
  • If you have a medium complexion, the primary and bold colors will suit you well
  • In case you're a darker skin tone, you have more opportunity with whites and pastels than most

Supposing you can remember those fundamental guidelines, you'll be great, however let's check if we can dig a bit deeper.


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Photo by Lauren Fleischmann / Unsplash
  • If your complexion looks like Conan O'Brien, pay attention to warm khaki colors, peach tones, teals, red, brilliant blues and greens.

     Attempt to avoid: Black and white. The stark contrast is a lot for your skin and will just emphasize the absence of color.

  • Suppose you have the coloring of Justin Timberlake. Pastels look best on you. Think baby blue, light pink, lavender, pale yellow. Neutrals likewise look great on you, for example, a lighter beige and heather dark.

     Attempt to avoid: Really striking or essential colors. Additionally, an excess of deep, dull color can wash you out. Avoid all dark or all naval force.

  • If you have more olive or tan skin like Adrian Grenier, experiment with warm colors, for example, rich brown, orange-yellow, olive green, deep reds, and purples.

    Attempt to avoid: White and dark, pastels, any sort of faded color. These are not suitable with your complexion.

  • Finally, suppose you have a complexion like Will Smith. Dark colors look good on you like black, dark gray, and navy. Rich, deep colors additionally look great. Think emerald green, sapphire blue, royal purple. Brilliant white and pastel colors look incredible also.

     Attempt to avoid: Earthy tones and washed out colors; these don't do anything for you.


Photo by Melody Jacob / Unsplash

There are four colors that are "universally flattering", irrespective of your skin tone. They are Eggplant, True Red, Indian Teal, and Mellow Rose.

How might guys wear these colors?

Most straightforward way is pick one thing of clothing in one of these colors, and keep everything else in your outfit neutral.

So for instance, Indian Teal and Eggplant (or comparable variations) would look great as sweaters.

True red? Test a Polo shirt. Mellow rose is essentially a light pink/peach color, therefore, try a dressy button-up under a blazer. Provided that you discover something in the middle of those two tones, you're great.