Try a new makeup look. Try some new eye shadow, new lipstick color or a brighter blush. Give yourself another color blend, but make sure you choose colors that still match your skin tones. Be more flexible in changing your appearance, such as punk, pin-up or glamorous, or natural. Be adventurous!

  • Even put on a new lip shade can bring you a huge change, amping up your whole look.
  • Online searching for makeup tutorials if you do not know how to makeover yourself.

Ask for the more professional help from a department store makeup counter. Skillful makeup artists will turn your appearance to another better version. This is a good idea to try a different look without purchasing a whole group of new makeup stuff. However, if you want a more affordable choice, you better need some basic beauty things. Normally, lipstick is an easy product to get, since you will want to reapply it throughout the day.

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It is necessary to take care of your nails. If you had any excess nail polish, remove it before trim and put on a new one. Mildly push back your cuticle on your nails with a cuticle pushing tool. Hydrating your hands and put color on your nails. Choose the right tone that complements your outfit or chooses something natural.

Shape your eyebrows

Find the best shape of eyebrows which is to fit your face and start to shape it. For instance, square faces look great with soft, rounded eyebrows, while rounded faces are suitable with more angled eyebrows. It is smart to pluck eyebrow hairs from underneath your brow and avoid plucking too much. Then, using a eyebrows pencil to shape it.

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Do not go over dramatic with your daily makeup. If you are seeking to give yourself a makeover that you can go for it daily, a natural look is a better option. It is supposed that cut down the amount of foundation you use, choose a light powder to tame oily skin, try more subtle shades of eye shadow that are suitable for your everyday life.

  • Full-on makeup is sometimes needed when you are at a night party, especially if your outfit is dramatic.
  • Hold a facial and makeup party. Call some friends and ask them to bring their makeup.
  • Give each other facials or clay masks and then do each other’s makeup. Test with different looks, using eyeshadows and lipsticks that your friends brought.
  • Be certain to have clean, available makeup brushes, cotton pads, and cotton q-tips that you don’t swap bacteria among makeup.