Like everything else in the domain of beauty, eyebrows have their 'moments'.

The old-age saw the boom of the power brow, everyone got pluck crazy during the age of nineteen and after that Cara Delevingne brought back the vivid brow in the 90's.

Advice that works

Brows raise in every three or four months, therefore please don’t pluck any hairs until at least 12 weeks have passed by.

After that, you can pluck the ones that are out of your brow line but make sure that you keep the ones that are close to that area intact. Remember to groom your brows every day with a brush to stimulate growth in the correct direction.

👀 Look up
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At around the four-month mark, your brow hairs will become stronger and actually, it will be time for you to make an appointment with professionals to get the nice shaped eyebrows suitable for your face or just do it by yourself if you believe in your ability.

However, before you tweeze, pay much attention to the strength of light you utilize as you’re grooming your brows.

According to experts, as you have an obvious sight of your brows, you tend to pluck more than you’re supposed to, so there’s no need for you to put too much light supporting your process, just soft dull lighting is enough and of course, the afternoon is always better than morning.

How to make eyebrows grow: the products to use

Reportedly, castor oil can make your eyebrow grow but some suppose that it’ll hinder your eyebrow from growing.

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While many people are allergic to it, olive oil is firmly bunched in the growing eyebrows category.

It holds a high vitamin E content, known for its hydrating properties and fatty acids that are quite similar to a skin food for your follicles.

Remember to massage your eyebrows gently for a while before bed every night to keep them conditioned.

Eyebrow serum

A great eyebrow serum must meet two requirements: keep your hair conditioned and revitalize your follicle.


Moisturizing your brows isn’t accurately a priority over your skincare routine, however, hydrated skin is always the excellent condition for hair to flourish faster and more resilient.

Vaseline is an occlusive balm, locking in moisture to support hasten your skin’s natural recovery process. Clean and dry your brow area then rub Vaseline on to them three to four times per day.

What to eat for eyebrow growth

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Apart from serums, particular vitamins and minerals are also great alternatives for your hair growth.

Put dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, walnuts and mangoes into your daily diet that aims at hydration and blood circulation – both main elements in hair growth – and slip marine proteins, biotin and vitamin B in during your morning routine to bolster your amino acids and encourage your keratin production.

Eyebrow make-up

If you wish for a thick looking brows, put on a remarkable make-up on it.

Use a brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas (especially on the arch) to make the brows look bolder, after that apply brow powder on your whole brow.