There's no magic wand to you help you become taller. However, there are tips you can use to to help you look taller in the eyes of others.

1. Make sure clothes fit you appropriately

If your clothes fit appropriately, you will look increasingly slim and you will seem taller.

  • Don't wear oversized or baggy clothes
  • Change trims and sleeves to the most complimentary length
  • Guarantee the coat fits well on your shoulders
  • Figure out how to sew, or find yourself a good tailor when you want to adjust your clothes

2. Stand tall and confident

  • Great health, diet and exercise will enable you to hold a slim figure.
  • Stand tall and confident - you'll show off your body to the best advantage.

3. Choose heels and slim shoes

  • High-heeled shoes or boots help with posture and do incredible things for your legs.
  • Heels encourage you to tuck your bottom in to give a more slender effect.
  • Ensure shoes are proportionate to your size.
  • Avoid clumpy shoes and ankle straps which 'cut' your leg fifty-fifty, and make them look heavier and shorter.
  • Thin shoes with a low vamp and peep toe will extend the length of your legs.

4. Dress in the same color to make you look taller

  • Dress to look taller by wearing a similar shading or comparative shades, head-to-toe.
  • One continuous color will make you look taller - it doesn't need to be dark.
  • Match hose and shoes to lengthen the legs.

5. Avoid horizontal lines

  • Avoid wearing horizontal lines, which make you look shorter.
  • Wearing separates in different colors adds width, consequently reducing the appearance of height.
  • Try your best to stay away from clothes with color breaks.
  • In the event that you need to wear separate colors, choose the one with the lighter color on the top half.