Today, we are going to introduce about how to makeup naturally as Korean pretties. This makeup is suitable for students and office workers.

1. Moisturizing

Put on tone, lotion and primer after cleansing. Moisturizing step is very important. It can help you have a better makeup in dry and cold weather.

2. Applying suncreen

We strongly recommend that applying sunscreen before you do any makeup, just to really make sure you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays which will make your skin age faster. Sunscreens also come in different textures and finishes, so do not forget to find one that works for you and your makeup routine.

3. Choosing foundation

Wearing foundation base on skin. Choosing the right foundation for your skin is as important as choosing the right type of paint for your walls – you need the right one to cover flaws and smooth out the texture.

4. Concealer

To have a perfect skin, you will probably need something a little more intense for those stubborn blemishes that are still slightly visible even after using foundation. Moreover, it can also hide those dark eye circles, acne scars, or even redness on your skin.

In case you want to make your cheekbones and nose more highlight, you can also use concealer as a highlighter. Choosing a concealer that is one shade lighter and apply it as you would with the highlighter.

5. Draw eyebrows

Choose an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color or lighter than hair color. First, choose a place corresponding to eye head as eyebrow head, laterally shape your brows under the eyebrow, then lightly outline the upper line, follow the natural shape of your brow, next fill in the brow with brow powder. Do not draw too heavily penciled eyebrows, otherwise, it will look very unnatural.