Before introducing the 5 different ways of mix and match color in your outfits , you most likely  might want to understand about the color wheel first and please keep this COLOR WHEEL in your mind all the time as it truly assists you in the color-matching

For what reason would this color wheel so significant in mix and match?

As you can recognize that the color wheel comprises of numerous in-between tones (like yellow-orange and blue-green), warm and cool versions of key shades (warm orangey red, cool bluish red), that offers a similar assistance when you're putting together an outfit. It pulls out a single tint, mix opposing or bordering colors to uncover a scope of palettes that are experimentally demonstrated to look exquisite. Now that do you understand the concept of the color wheel? Keep this color wheel in your mind while going through the tips later on.

1. Similar Colors For Monochromatic Looks

Let's simply begin with the easiest method for matching first. It is a common sense on everybody's mind that the simplest way is to putting similar color together in your outfit.

I was invited to attend Milan Fashion week in a February of 2018. It was my first time in Milan, and I was astounded at the amount of beautiful architecture it has around the city. I wanted to capture that but also tie in fashion along with it. As we were shooting, these birds started passing all over the place! It was magical! I give my model credit for standing so still. The shot was taken at the Duomo in Milan, Italy. Photo be me @alexiroseproductions model: @marwaatik
Photo by Alexi Romano / Unsplash

You could go with monochrome color with a light and dark differences of one color or most likely matching two colors that are next to each other from the color wheel, the outcomes would turns out simple yet good-looking .

2. Complementary Colors To Create Pops

Hand on Pants.
Photo by Frank Flores / Unsplash
I took this photo while on photography assignment at Pitti Uomo, the largest menswear fashion tradeshow in the world, in Florence, Italy. At Pitti there is a square where key players in mens fashion network with eachother and show their sartorial style.
Photo by Mariya Georgieva / Unsplash

In the event that you wish to wear something that could stand out from the crowd and turn heads from your surrounding without looking too out of place, you certainly want to test this with the use of complementary colors.

Complementary colors lie directly across and opposite from one another on the wheel. It will make an enormous visual differentiation which will boost the two colors. For instance red and green, orange and blue and so forth (mention to the color wheel beneath). These colors will frequently "pop" against each other for a splendid outfit, making you stand out more.

3. Neutrals

In the case you feel like to keep your outfit as simple as possible, maybe you could simply go with the color theme - neutrals. It is a really simple color-matching, just continuously remind that black, beige, brown and white (these are categorized as the classics shades and your best friends).

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Photo by Tamara Bellis / Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

These colors could mix well with the majority of the color effectively and balance out an outfit. Is it true that it is extremely uncomplicated?

4. Classic - Black and White

For what reason we don't simply apply it and go out with black and white only? Some may think that black and white are basically boring as a result of its monotony, however....

Long Legs
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Photo by naeim jafari / Unsplash
Even though living in Sunny Greece, while September coming to its end, we can feel the Autumn coming. Clothes getting longer, jeans and shirts are now with long sleeves. Nevertheless, this doesn’t discourage Tamara to prepare extraordinary looks which we Shoot for her Fashion blog. It is these looks combined with a lovely pose of her and some proper light and focus, that make a capture like this possible. 

Photo by Tamara Bellis / Unsplash

If you truly realize how to style it, it can really give impression, for example, swag, cool, classics, stunning, exquisite, adorable and some more!

5. Pastel Color

Pastel is a color that is trending since 2016 and it is popular among ladies particularly adolescent young ladies as it is considered as a feminine color brimming with sweetness and serenity that would make one look more youthful. Guess which color is most supported by ladies? Pink?

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Surprisingly that is Blue! A large number of girl think that pink is excessively girlish to the degree that it is too difficult to even consider pulling off, particularly when you are having a tanned skin. While blue is simpler to be pulled off as it is fit all skin colors.

Individuals consistently believed that only baby pink and blue is considered as pastel color due to the fact that once they are popular because of the pantone color in year 2016. There are a great deal of different pastels color you should try out and perhaps soon you will end up being their fan.