Take a deep breath...” is probably the most familiar advice which is supposed to help us stay calm. As yet, everybody just takes it for granted and haven’t realized how important it is. Long-drawn and mindful breathing are plunged into the very soul of the ancient yoga practice for decades.

Reportedly, the span of life is measured in the number of breaths. For that reason, the perfect way to prolong your life is to take longer and deeper breaths. This good habit not only improves blood circulation but also extremely helps you calm your nerves and relieve stress. We give you some simple meditation techniques that’ll be, to some extent, helpful for you.

Start tomorrow

If you are someone who usually struggles with a jolt and hurries off to work every morning, your life is unintentionally filled with stress. Firing up your new day by meditating for a few minutes is the best way to go.

Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) / Unsplash

Sit cross-legged on the bed comfortably with your palms on your thighs. Close your eyes and observe your breaths. Try to put your to-do list for the day on the back burner, and concentrate on things you like or find relaxation. Start with a five-minute session and increase it to 15 minutes by degrees.

Breathe consciously

As you deliberately pay attention to your breath, your lung will be charged with more oxygen, which step by step helps you calm down and regain your composure. The most important thing is that you can perform this anywhere and anytime. Close your eyes to focus your mind better.

Take a deep inhale for five counts, and then slowly exhale for 10 counts. You can extend the count day by day, but the proportion should always be 1:2. Repeat at least 10 times in one sitting. You’d better make your inhalations and exhalations noiseless.

Think sharp

This relaxing approach is good for enhancing awareness. To practice it, just lie down on your back with your legs and arms marginally spread out about 45 degrees from your body.

Photo by Andrew Neel / Unsplash

Imagine a burning flame and move it across your body slowly to feel the warmth. Start by putting that fictitious candle on your left foot. Shift it over the toes, heel, ankle, shin, calf, knee, and thigh. After that, move it to your abdomen, stomach, chest, shoulder, and neck. Then, picture it moving along your left arm. Reiterate for the right side of the body and the back.

Finally, turn it over your face and your eyes. Once done, comfortably open your eyes and sit up. Place this candle on each body part for several seconds before engaging in the next.