We have assembled some convenient thoughts that will help change your summer closet into a winter-friendly one, with the help of good investments in good interchangable and fashionable pieces.


Layers are a key for changing your closet and the mixes are limitless. Layering is simple and can be possible with almost any piece of garments.

Wear a lightweight fitted top (longer than the layer that you're putting over it) and include a sweater and a scarf. If the layers are lightweight, include a blazer or denim jacket to your outfit. Keep the under-layers further fitted and use a belt for an hourglass outline.


Photo by Mel Poole / Unsplash

Play with texture; it's ideal to combine a blend of materials when styling a layered look. Keep away from using the same fabrics; your look will be quite weighty and frump (which can include the presence of undesirable weight too).

Combinations to Try

1. Skirt over pants will edge up your outfit while making a fascinating outline.

2. Chunky knit over a shirt – Take a sign from one of our new most loved personality style symbols and add a crisp collar to amp up a neutral crewneck sweater or give a surprising background to a basic shift dress. Go nuts and blend prints with a graphic sweatshirt, sweater, or cardigan.

3. Transform a summer dress into winter skirt by including an adorable sweatshirt on top.

Photo by Matthew T Rader / Unsplash

4. Attempt a turtleneck under a shift dress. Believe us, a fitted black turtleneck will be your closest friend through the harsh chilly season. You could stack a sweater and coat over it, layer it under a charming dress, or attempt it solo and tucked into a maxi skirt for a formal event.

5. A long sleeve top under overalls and jumpsuits make them increasingly suitable in winter.

7. Invest in a beautiful pair of opaque tights to wear under shorts.

8. Add boots and a coat to your preferred summer maxi skirt.

9. Wear numerous coats at ones – layer your denim jacket with a coat.