Where did all the hobo bags go? Is it true that they are lost inside the party girls photos of a magazine of an bygone era? Hidden in a box at the back of Sienna Miller's wardrobe, an artifact of her bohemian-Brit chapter around 2004? The famous carryall has been lost in memory, for the spotlight having been taken by micro purses (suitable for Polly Pocket and her little cosmetics sets) and shoulder bags (minimal, situated just underneath the armpit). Most bags that are carried consists of the most basic things a woman needs, like a pair of spare contact lenses, a foundation stick, a small wallet and a box of fresh mints. It's very organized and functional, however one should ask: Where's the pleasure?

Hobo bag

The hobo bag is the answer to that. Its lash is solid, its body is expandable, thrilling, and cheerful, once in a while with a touch of droop. It's made for a full shopping day —stuff a pair of jeans in there!— and you can even insert a bottle of water (to remain hydrated throughout the day). And also, reading material. There are people who like to touch the pages and not staring at the screen of a mobile, so for those, this is an appeal for the return of the hobo bag in 2019. (Protests are allowed,of course.)

The Olsen Twins

Many will have affectionate recollections of the contrasting contours. Remember the Olsen twins in their pinnacle boho period, throwing child-sized bags over their shoulders and appearing both chic and absurd. What was in their bags? We may never know. However, this year, we need to carry the things we like with the privilege to go anywhere we want.

Kate Spade

Fortunate for us, -if hauling is your preferance-the hobo bag is discreetly returning. An outstanding presentation in the Kate Spade New York Pre-Fall 2019 collection could be witnessed. The item was shaped like a delicate boomerang and made from funky, rich softened suede. Other designers also included the hobo bag into their collection of Spring 2019, like the low hanging, souvenir type from Loewe, the imposing denim items from Proenza Schouler, and cowhide manifestations molded like a maize ball from Paco Rabanne. The most brilliant thing about it? A hobo bag is made to transport pretty much anything, including your minuscule fashionable little purse. Everybody happy.

Paco Rabanne