It seems to be difficult to keep a healthy diet. Particularly, you have to choose between eating desserts and fast food. Nevertheless, it is essential to get a balance in your diet of the perfect amount of every nutrition group.

A balance diet incorporates drinks, likewise. Your body needs to remain hydrated to keep healthy. However, you should consider what you drink, especially caffeine and sugary beverages:

  • Can cause emotional swings
  • Influence your energy levels, feeling full of energy before a "sugar low" where you may feel worn out and irritable
  • Can make you gain weight in the event that you have an excess of sugar
  • Can give you inconvenience resting in case that you have them during the evening.
  • It is ideal to drink water and natural juices which do not have heaps of sugar.

Recommend that one meal should include:

  • Carbohydrates - like potatoes, pasta, rice and bread. A segment ought to be about the size of a clench hand.
  • Protein from non-dairy sources – like meat, fish, beans, soya and tofu. A bit can be about the size of a deck of cards.
  • Dairy – like cheese and milk. A portion ought to be about a 200ml of milk, a matchbox size bit of cheese or an average glass (125ml) of yogurt.
  • Fruit and vegetables - should only have five portions in every day. For vegetables and fresh fruits, a portion ought to be about a cupped hand. For dried natural product, a portion ought to be about half a cupped hand.

After this article, we hope you would have a better strategy to stay fit. The balanced diet will help you have a fully nutritious meal and have a good shape that you always want to have. Let's start it right now!