Other than K-pop idols, dramas, and maybe kimchi, what else do you consider when you hear "Korea"? On the off chance that you are a makeup addict, you will most likely be thinking at this moment: "Korean makeup, obviously!"

From their super adorable bundling and performing multiple tasks benefits, numerous individuals are enamored with Korean excellence, and all things considered: Korean makeup looks are at the highest point of Asian magnificence slants these days.

Song Hye Kyo

To comprehend what the "Korean look" is, simply gaze at pictures of female Korean superstars, for example, Song Hye Kyo and Krystal from f(x). Notice anything in like manner?

It is their perfect composition, dewy skin, and young vibe that truly makes the "Korean look" so attractive to pretty much everybody crosswise over Asia. To enable you to accomplish the Korean look, we've assembled a fast and simple Korean makeup instructional exercise that even fledglings can track.

Essential SKINCARE

At this point, almost certainly, you have made sense of your day by day skincare routine and one of the key components to having dewy Korean skin is to adequately hydrate them.

Keep in mind forget to saturate your skin in the day and night. In the event that your skin is on the dry side, you can consider utilizing a leave-on night cover cream that will give you the additional dampness support that you need.

All things considered, with the accentuation that Korean makeup is to look 'natural', Koreans center significantly more around skincare than makeup and this is the reason it is a decent propensity to have a skincare schedule that works for you, abandoning you with sound, brilliant skin.


This is a standout amongst the most essential strides for any makeup instructional exercise, particularly when the sun is an unavoidable component of day by day Singaporean life.

Numerous Koreans, even acclaimed Korean makeup craftsmen, for example, Pony and Risabae, have put gigantic significance on shielding their skin from UV rays.

There are numerous reasons why you may be enticed to avoid past this progression in your daily practice: some believe it's pointless since numerous establishments and BB creams these days accompany SPF, while others basically don't care for that cheap inclination that some sunscreen plans abandon.

In any case, we emphatically prescribe applying sunscreen before you do any makeup, just to truly make beyond any doubt you're fighting off each one of those hurtful UV beams which will make your skin age quicker. Sunscreens likewise come in various surfaces and completes, so don't abandon discovering one that works for you and your makeup schedule.


Since the fundamental point of this instructional exercise is to be brisk and simple, we prescribe you to look at BB cream or cushion compacts on the off chance that you haven't as of now.

Both join makeup and skincare into one helpful equation, so you'd almost certainly saturate your skin while applying establishment and concealer in the meantime.

The little, across the board bundling of BB cushions are particularly helpful in case you're the sort that movements every now and again, or simply need to contact up your makeup in a hurry!

BB cream has been a standout amongst the most looked for after products when it previously rose in the Korean magnificence scene, and it's since made waves all around the globe. In the event that you are searching for something lightweight however which can likewise cover imperfections, you can utilize BB cream as a base.

When applying BB cream or BB cushions, work under natural light, for example, close to a window. You'll be better ready to see precisely the amount of the product you are applying all over and this can keep you from coincidentally heaping on an excess of inclusion. Keep in mind forget to broaden your base makeup past your neckline for a progressively natural look.


Most of us aren't blessed with flawless skin, yet that is OK, on the grounds that there is dependably concealer to spare your day.

To accomplish that faultless composition, you'll most likely need something somewhat more extraordinary for those obstinate imperfections that are still marginally obvious even in the wake of utilizing base makeup. Concealer can likewise shroud those dim eye circles, skin inflammation scars, or even redness on your skin.


In Korea, eye makeup is otherwise called point makeup as they need their eyes to be the primary "point" all over.

A portion of the unmistakable Korean eye makeup looks incorporate the "puppy eyes" eyeliner and aegyo sal (adorable eye sacks underneath your eyes).

For eyeshadow, Koreans want to downplay colors on the eyelids as they lean toward a more natural look as opposed to having makeup excessively clearly heaped on. All things considered, it is prescribed to utilize nonpartisan or light colors, similar to brown, pink, or coral.

A tip for picking the correct eye shadow is to investigate and discover colors that suit your skin tone. Head over to the drugstore or Sephora and swatch diverse shades and tones of eye shadows. Get a shade that supplements or complements your eyes.

Puppy eyeliner look

Many Koreans want to utilize brown eyeliner as it will give you a gentler and progressively natural look, since dark eyeliner can look increasingly brutal and savage. To accomplish the puppy eyes look, line your eyes so that the external end expands outwards and downwards.

Numerous Asian ladies regret about having short and straight eyelashes, however that is the thing that eyelash stylers and mascaras are for. Pick a mascara that is waterproof and smear evidence to keep yourself from resembling a panda closer the day's end.

Use a lash preliminary or mascara fixer with the goal that your twisted lashes will be held set up for the whole day.


Do you realize that brows assume a big role in forming your face? Another component to the energetic, honest Korean look is to have straight brows with a slight circular segment toward the end. On the off chance that you take a gander at pictures of Korean female famous people, you will see how they will in general attract their brows a straight way!

In spite of the fact that the straight brow pattern is super hot in Korea, we likewise need to recollect that brow shapes appear to be unique on everybody. You can look at our article on the distinctive kinds of eyebrows and how to draw your eyebrows effectively here.

On the off chance that you are certain that the Korean straight brow is for you, you can endeavor to cull away those stray hairs and gradually shape it. In any case, on the off chance that you question your own aptitudes, you can generally depend your brows to beauticians in eyebrow salons and let them know the shape you wish to have.

The subsequent stage is to fill in your brows. Start with light strokes toward the beginning of your brows and gradually work your way as far as possible, decreasing it down to a point. You can work with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, whichever you're increasingly OK with.

Despite the fact that you're going for a straight eyebrow look, there should even now be an extremely slight bend close as far as possible of the brow, and the circular segment should start around the external corner of your eye.Remember to mix out any brutal edges with a spoolie.

A few Koreans likewise prefer to utilize eyebrow tints to help their brow color with the goal that it will coordinate their skin and hair color better. Out it an attempt and you might be astonished with the outcome!


Since we are finished with your base makeup, we have to include some solid sparkle back onto the face. To do as such, you can utilize powder, cream, or fluid blushers, contingent upon your inclination! For learners, we prescribe utilizing powder blushers as they are commonly simpler to mix.

Apply them from high areas of your cheeks (usually named as the apples of your cheeks) towards your temples it to look as if the glow is coming naturally from within. In Korea, ladies want to utilize blushers in the shade of coral and ruddy pink as it supplements their skin tone.


The gradient lip makeup pattern has assumed control over the world yet it really started from Korea. It makes your lips look more full, and furthermore makes them look tantalizingly just-chomped. The essential rule behind an gradient lip is to utilize a darker shade on the inward lips, and after that utilization a lip brush, a cotton bud, or your finger to mix it outwards to make an angle impact.

Gradient lips have turned out to be popular to the point that numerous Korean makeup marks (and even non-Korean brands) have thought of two-tone lipsticks which guarantee to enable you to accomplish the inclination look with one swipe and without mixing.

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