Some girls were born with a beautiful body figure, white skin, perfect height. However, not every girl was born this perfectly, some may have problem with their height! being too short can reduce your confident when standing with the others. Don't be too sad, we have a list of solutions for you!

1.Don't let your clothes overwhelm you

  • Get everything into proportion - don't let yourself be overwhelmed!
  • Clothes that don't match properly add bulk and additional inches
  • Dress to appear taller with softer more fluid fabric and a neat line
  • Shoulders are the primary horizontal line the eye sees, check that they match
  • Big coats are heavy and add dimension - select a 3/4 length coat
  • Short neat jackets and 3/4 length sleeves
  • Short skirts can lengthen your legs however avoid if you've got wide hips as you'll look shorter

2.Think vertical

  • Anything that brings the eye down can elongate the body
  • V necklines or open neck shirt
  • Create vertical lines with stripes, a row of buttons, vertical panel down the front
  • Long jewelry and drop earrings produce vertical
  • Softly ruffled waterfall lapels
  • Dress to appear taller
  • All one color, center zip, long hem length

3.Add length to your bottom half

  • Lengthen your legs with wider straight legged or bootcut pants
  • Avoid turnips and check that the legs are long enough to hide the highest of your shoe
  • Ensure shoes/boots match pants or hose
  • Avoid a large skirt, select pencil skirt or one that's bias cut to drape straight down
  • a hankie hem will deflect from a straight across the line
  • Avoid hip slung jeans or dropped waist skirt

4.Select accessories in proportion

  • Keep accessories in proportion
  • Forget over sized baggage they'll cause you to look smaller
  • Ditch huge jewelry and wide belts

5.Your hairstyle and makeup matters

  • Short neat hair or wearing your hair heaped-up on your head can add inches - long shapeless hair will add weight
  • Layered or highlighted hair is 'lighter'
  • Keep hair near to the side of your face and add blush or bronzer to slim the face
  • Take care with your makeup application - your face is the very first thing we tend to see.