Fitness is unnecessarily made complex and costly. It's something that everybody ought to have access to, feels fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar, who has launched a one-of-a-kind, free, public fitness project where she is going to be giving one guideline every week for 12 weeks, making certain you live healthy ever after. By the end of those 12 weeks/3 months, you will be doing 12 various things or 12 things differently, which will put you permanently on your approach to fitness. Here are some citations from the project guidelines:

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  • Begin your day with a banana or any fresh fruit/soaked almonds/ soaked raisins and NOT with tea or coffee.
  • Eat ghee. Without worrying, without guilt, no doubt. Add one tsp of ghee to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is particularly helpful for PCOD, diabetes and heart diseases, BP, acidity, weak joints, constipation, IBS. Have ghee and jaggery post-lunch or dinner if you suffer from PMS, fatigue or low hemoglobin levels.

Rethink, reform and regulate the utilization of gadgets in your life. The human head is heavy and we have spent months as babies learning to stabilize it. In a neutral position, ears above the shoulders, the head weighs around 5-6 kilograms. However, with simply a 15-degree tilt downwards, it weighs over double. What do you suppose this can be doing to your back, shoulders and even the brain?

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  • So cut down on gadgets. No gadgets while eating food. Begin doing this at one meal each day and over the next ten weeks, build it to all three main meals per day.
  • No gadget for thirty minutes before bed. Do not delay bedtime, simply keep the phone away, switch off your TV and read a book (not on Kindle or iPad).
  • The right method is to lift the phone at eye level and not tilt the neck down. One of the great effects of this will be limiting your phone usage to solely the relevant and vital problems.

The Fitness Project 2018 (excerpts solely from Week 1-3), Rujuta Diwekar, fitness expert.

Most people wish to sport flatter abs and have narrower waists, however, it's impossible with all that slouching and "technology posture" because it is named. The technology posture is more harmful to individuals with diabetes, heart conditions and other hormonal problems like PCOD and thyroid.