Pancakes are yummy — however not every person has the same item in mind when you state that term. In case you live in America, your preferred soft buttermilk hangover remedy may turn out to be a fish filled tasty nibble to somebody who came to age in Korea.

We gathered the majority of the most delicious diversities of this mushy delight from around the globe.

Pancakes ala Japanese

Japanese pancakes — a.k.a. hotcakes, where there is a strong nationwide competition amongst instant batter mix producers — are served as a dessert rather than breakfast. They're exceptionally soft and airy, regularly presented with whipped cream, fruit, and other sweet garnishes. What more meaningful is that you share these sweet carbs with your friends and family rather than munching it all by yourself.

In case you like sugar filled pancakes, Korean hotteok is your thing

In contrast to a diversity of pancakes, hotteok are yeast-raised—which gives them an unmistakably delightful zest. They're a favored food in the streets of Korea, and frequently filled with cinnamon, cut walnuts, and brown sugar. Different fillings like sweet red beans might also be incorporated with this stuffed pancake.

Light German pfannkuchen

Scared of full-sized crepes because they are too large and you don't have an iron big enough for them? The German Pfannkuchen is the answer for you. Smaller in size and with a comparable structure, it's ideal for producing it yourself in the kitchen.

Light in weight, slim in size, and having a crunchy texture it's best served with a bit of powdered sugar and applesauce.

Tiny Dutch delights called poffertjes

Poffertjes are yeast-based, so they need time to rise, like bread. Filled in a pastry bag, the semi-liquid batter is squeezed onto a "poffertjespan", an unique pan with round indentations. Alternatively, look for a place that makes them for you, saves you the hustle - no matter how, they are delicious.

Super light Spanish panqueques

Made with stiff beaten egg whites, unbelievable light and sweet, panqueques are underestimated. Golden brown in color, these delicacies will definately replace your favored choice for breakfast and in between bites.

Forget donuts, here comes the Thai roti

Made with eggs and dribbled with condensed milk, Thai roti are wrapped over and over again, showing the fine layers after each bite. Sliced banana or other kind of fruits will add some color, nonetheless the layers are enchanting on their own.

The overwhelming mix of frying, crusty, smoothness and sweet caramelization can be descibed as sheer enchantment.

Haemul Pajeon - The savory Korean pancake

Tasty pancakes as a popular snack isn't unique to Korea alone however the vast collection of tastes is astonishing. Kimchi, seafood, green onions, and even a delightful mix of vegetables comfortably suit this kind of pancake.

Some of the scorched ingredients - especially the caramelized green onions - are absolutely perfect. These pancakes go along with a dipping based on soy sauce, not syrup - consider it like some kind of wonton instead of breakfast.

Bánh Khọt, tiny Vietnamese pancakes

Made from rice flour, these small chomps have a heavenly flavor and structure that possibly improves when you envelop them with crisp herbs and dip them in fish sauce. If you love fish, you need these in your life.

French crepes another savory magnitude

Regardless of your decision to choose the usual ham and cheese or you settle on other savory alternatives, is it possible to experience bad taste when it's bolstered inside a wonderfully crafted golden brown crepe?

Diet, the Nigerian pancakes that will tickle your senses

Red pepper is an essential component in these savory wonders - some variants include fried onions and tomatoes. Give these lovely, chewy pancakes a shot if you don't have a sweet tooth.

Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake dinner you always wanted to have

Fish, vegetables, slenderly cut meats — anything is possible when you're creating okonomiyaki. Including a considerable load of mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce together in the end not only makes the completed dish look lovely; it tastes awesome when everything is combined together as well.

Panqueca de carne moida, Brazil's meat pancake

More slender and leaning towards the crepe side, these pancakes are folded over a appetizingly prepared meat stuffing of your selection, after that, blanketed in jus and cooked in the oven before serving. You'll likely need to divide these amongst your companions or family, but that is not a hard decision, is it?