Every girl wants to become a princess in their wedding. Well, this Malaysian girl’s dream has definitely come true! Her parents have spent RM300.000 to build her a princess castle, just for her wedding!

The young Afza Farzana Ahmad has always dreamed to become a princess since she was just a little girl. Her dream now come true, her parents built her a RM300.000 castle (71.083 USD) just for her one and a kind wedding.

Since Afza Farzana was young, she’s loved stories of princesses. She loves their beautiful white gown and magnificent castle that they live in. Just like Cinderella or Rapunzel, she wants to be a gorgeous princess in her wedding.

The most important day of her life finally came, Farzana’s wedding. Her dad – Ahmad H.Ramli, 60 years old – and his wife, decided to organized a wedding with a princess theme to surprised their beloved daughter.

To make this plan work, they had hired an engineer to build a castle construction in front of their house which worth more than RM300.000. Ramli said that he offered this castle and a carriage as their daughter wedding present. Furthermore, he also mentioned that many couples had come to their castle to take their wedding photos.

On the 2nd of September, the dreamed wedding of Afza Farzana finally came true. The bride Ahmad and her groom, Muhamad Rusydan Mat, 24 years old, sit on the carriage and waved at more them 2.000 guest like a princess and a prince as they were leaving the castle. This may remind you the final scene of Cinderella.

Thousands of guests had enjoyed the delicious buffet under the tree. The atmosphere was gorgeous with candles and flowers.

The main character of the ceremony expressed her happiness and hope she and her husband will have a happy life in the future. Of course,  she did not forget to thank her mom and dad for this beautiful wedding.