Manuel Hernandez’s wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, however, they hadn’t been happy for so long after being informed about the sudden death of their new-born child. But that was not the worst thing that ever happened to them.

On 9th August, Manuel Hernandez’s wife gave birth to a boy at a hospital in Ocosingo city, Chiapas state, the South of Mexico. However, the health condition of their son suddenly became worse, so they decided to take him to Palenque hospital. Despite being delivered to the hospital very soon, the young couple still had to hear bad news from their doctor the day after – their son had passed away.

The white coffin of their new-born son

A few hours later, the Manuel’s relatives came to the hospital to receive the body of their little baby, which was placed in a small white coffin. Want to see their child for the last time, the young couple decided to open the coffin. Surprisingly, what inside the white coffin was not their son, but were some plastic bags being wrapped by a piece of paper.

There is only rubbish in their child's coffin

Angry with the though that the hospital had stolen their son’s body, the husband and wife went back to the hospital and require for the child’s body and reasonable answers. However, this is not what they received, instead, the hospital gave them the body of another child that the young couple claim that was not their son.

The Mexico Minister of Health responded they were conduct a thorough investigation to determine who was the one that had to responsible for this unfortunate and immoral act. Regardless what was happening, the Palenque hospital still remain silent.